mercredi 24 juin 2009


Dream of a face, dream of a dress, dream of a flower
Rêveries d'un visage de mystère, d'une robe diaphane, d'une fleur parfaite

Minimal ..

Ciel de Paris
Paris sky

Beomeosa - the Buddhist temple complex near Pusan, Korea

The eye, the hand, and the evil man ..
Images pour faire peur ..

Dans Paris - Vu à la FIAC, novembre 2008/ combination of elements "caught" at the International Art Fair, 2008.

Une vidéo de perroquet névrosé
passant de gauche à droite.
un parapluie,
un micro.
un garçon passe innocemment en contre sens
l'appareil fait "clique"

A sulphur-crested cockatoo
restless, filmed and recorded,
and sqawking near a moving umbrella.

A boy moving past never suspects
the waiting greedy eye of the camera.

Lamps, leaves, feathers, flowers, stalks, calligraphy

mardi 23 juin 2009


Dans Paris - Rue de l'Arbalète - Pochoir et Jef Aerosol

L'Art urbain dans la Rue de l'Arbalète, Quartier Latin, Paris. (Pochoir et Jef Aerosol)
Street art and Jef Aerosol in Rue de l'Arbalète in the Latin Quarter... Stencils ..

samedi 20 juin 2009

Art of Australia - Aboriginal bark painting of Warraguk, the X-Ray creature

Warraguk is a see-through spirit
Bat-like and harmless
His neck, arms and legs are attached to his body
As one large wing.
He flies from place to place,
Clearly seen
as an inside-out, front-on, side-on
Overseer of all natural light.

mercredi 17 juin 2009

Dans Paris - Vitrine de la Rue Jacob

Obsédantes vitrines ..
Windows, my windows ..



I lingered in the shadows waiting to be born,
my father was electricity and my mother was a human voice.

I woke the silence between continents with a burst of static
and a talent for mimicry that mankind had never known.

I was the standard bearer of sounds so familiar,
Carrying them to all the places they had been but in ways they had never travelled.

I was stretched across time,
learning my craft and learning it well.
I crawled and then I walked and now I sprint wherever I go.
I launch myself ad infinitum and whiplash back and forth beneath the ocean.

First borne aloft on roads of copper and now highways of glass.
I scream across the air at the speed of imagination,
gathering pace with every passing second
waiting for intellect and innovation to guide me faster and faster.

I was anchored, tethered and tied to the Earth,
yet now I leap into the sky like a bolt from the blue and out into the black.
I'm all around you on the ground and in the stars.
I carry your thoughts and your words and I convey your sadness and joy.
I bear tidings good and ill.
I can save lives, and sometimes end them.

I am an order for pens and paper,
I am a mother's good night kiss.
I'm the latest headline in the paper and a faded photograph remade anew.
I'm your blessing and your curse.

Now more than ever I follow you wherever you go.
I'll bounce off tin cans in the sky to be with you.
I'll take your precious, private moments and crumble them to dust.
I'm half a world away and I'm in the next street.
I'm the bearer of all tidings.

Welcome to the Information Age.

"Contraflower" A New Poetic Underground

Dans la crypte de la Cathédrale de Metz - In the crypt of the Metz Cathedral

Only a shadow ..
Une ombre de statue ..

Des demi-teintes de statues en souterrain
Et l'Ombre Même d'une statue qui presse le pas
sur l'autre ..

Statues turn to "tableau"
And shadow usurpers loom to take the light ..

"Apesanteur" à Metz - "Weightlessness" in Metz

L'insoutenable légèreté de l'être
The unbearable lightness of being

After "heaviness looks light"
with One Ton in the Air
Now "lightness" looks light
and about to disappear ..

A l'expo "Apesanteur"
Tuyaux "lourdes pas lourdes"
Cèdent la place
à des Vidéos :
Un élastique en l'air
Léger ..
trop leger ..
.... ... ... ... ..
... .... .... ..
..... .....
.... .... ..
..... .....
...... .
.... .
... .

dimanche 14 juin 2009

One Ton in the Air

Photos prises à Metz à l'exposition sponsorisée par FRAC en novembre 2008 : APESANTEUR

"UNE TONNE EN L'AIR" l'oeuvre de la Polonaise, Dominika Skutnik. Un détournement de tuyaux métalliques de construction - pesant une tonne - tenant sans support entre deux murs.

Un artiste travaillant sur "instinct" peut parvenir au résultat imaginé : celui où la foi semblerait l'emporter sur les lois de la gravité.

Photos from the FRAC sponsored exhibition in Metz in November, 2008 : APESANTEUR (WEIGHTLESSNESS)

"ONE TON IN THE AIR" the work of Polish Dominika Skutnik ; a surprising composition of construction-site metal pipes (one ton) holding well above the floor, between two walls ..

It's all faith. And the magic wand in the artist's hand.

vendredi 12 juin 2009

Weaving by Fiona Pompey

A take on an australian desert painting
but adapted to the loom -- in Nepal!


tender face

Galérie Artop à Lille
Jean-Pierre Blancpain
et Valérie Dumas

Quite pretty

Rue de l'Arbalète - John Lennon, the lonely boy, and the rat.

La rue de l'Arbalète n'est pas innocente
Nothing in the rue de l'Arbalète can be ignored

La galérie "La Piscine" à Roubaix

Lieu magique de lumière, d'eau et de sculptures ..
A magical encounter of half-light, water and sculpture ..