jeudi 27 mai 2010

From Kinya Maruyama's "Star-Studded Garden"

A star in the fence .. 

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Dimitri a dit…


I was looking through some of the blog pages and I found comments from you that I hadn't seen earlier.

You asked in one what I thought of Obama now, one year later. So yes, I still support Barack. I'm inspired by his courage and intelligence. Still, I wish he would be more progressive. The Left is up in arms that he is not Left enough. This is probably true. But it seems to me that he is up against a terrible machine of big money and is trying to achieve what is possible.

I think the political system is general has been usurped and corrupted by big money. It has won the day.

Hope you're well and happy.

Janet a dit…

Hey, here I am discovering your answer several weeks later .. Something wrong in the blogger system? Why do we not always see comments? I was interested in your answer re Obama .. There is much to say on the subject.. .. I would say that the parameters to be taken into consideration when judging his work, would be so numerous and enormous .. hmm .. I think he is pretty wonderful and maybe something of a 'visionary' .. but he is up against too much ..

I have really appreciated the 'depth' and the sincerity of your postings on blogger ..

I think you are on artreview?

I post a lot of pictures on B-uncut now ..

Keep up your (unusually) excellent work ..